Following Up: Landscapes3 Protect Forum

Posted April 27, 2022


Chester County's 2022 I Protect Forum took place on April 19 via Zoom with a great turnout and lively discussion about what municipalities can do to protect the county's natural resources and promote clean energy through local actions and ordinances!

Chester County Commissioner, Michelle Kichline, provided the forum's welcoming remarks, along with Chester County Planning Commission's Assistant Director, Carol Stauffer.

CCPC's Community Planner, Kate Clark, kicked off the forum by discussing local protection of natural resources such as proper planning steps, zoning vs. subdivision and land development regulations, and an overview of ordinance standard recommendations for the protection of woodlands, wetlands, steep slopes, riparian buffers, and floodplains, as well as how the county is doing in terms of protecting them.

Next, West Chester Borough's Sustainability Director, Will Williams, talked about the protection and growing of West Chester's urban forest. His presentation included the benefits and challenges of adding street trees, as well as factors to consider when implementing urban tree initiatives within a community.

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission's Manager of Sustainable Energy, Liz Compitello, followed Williams' presentation with a discussion on how to implement clean and sustainable energy at the local level through solar ordinances. She highlighted municipal best practices and provided a thorough explanation on the framework and context of solar power across the region.

Lastly, the Director of Energy & Sustainability for Practical Energy Solutions, Paul Spiegel, provided an update on community clean energy initiatives of the Northern Chesco Clean Energy Future Task Force, a project funded through the county's Vision Partnership Program. He noted the importance of electrification in transitioning to clean energy, efficient heating and cooling options, and reasons to support clean energy initiatives.

The 2022 Protect Forum directly supports the Protect goal in Landscapes3, which serves to "Protect and restore critical natural resources to ensure a resilient environment that supports healthy communities."

Learn more about what municipalities can do to protect Chester County's natural resources, and view the PowerPoints from the 2022 Protect Forum.