Meet CCPC's New Board Member

Posted April 21, 2022


Chester County Planning Commission's 9-member Board of Directors is appointed by the County Commissioners on a four-year term basis, and each member brings a different wealth of knowledge to the table. This month, we are excited to welcome our newest CCPC Board Member, Roberta Cosentino, to the group!

With a passion for government and politics, Roberta previously studied and worked in the DC metro area for more than a decade before making PA her home. During her time in the DC area, Roberta developed a deep appreciation towards politics and government — specifically how they affect everyday life and the importance of being informed and involved.

After moving to PA 14 years ago, Roberta started working with non-profits that directly addressed the needs of under-resourced communities. In 2016, she began working for the Chester County Food Bank, building the mobile produce market program, and now serving as Director of Community Food Access & Education Programs. "This work has given me a deep understanding of Chester County and its many hidden treasures and challenges," she noted.

Before getting involved with CCPC, Roberta served as a Borough Council member in Modena where she learned many new things. Although she had to resign when moving out of Modena, Roberta wanted to find another way to get involved. "The opportunity to apply for CCPC crossed my inbox, and after having read many reports and recommendations from CPCC as a Council Person, I hoped that this would be my next opportunity to serve my community."

As with most new undertakings, Roberta hopes to learn quite a bit while serving on the CCPC Board as well. She is also continuing her education around racial equity, as she aims to be a voice for how race and racism show up in our collective interests. "The most immediate issues I look forward to addressing are those of accessible transportation, affordable housing and equitable public spaces," she noted.

Roberta currently resides in Coatesville — a city she fell in love with after driving down 82 to 1st Ave for the first time. "It's vistas and historic architecture are gorgeous, but the history and people are what make it compelling and beautiful. My dream of calling this City my home came true when I bought my first house a few years ago." After purchasing her home, Roberta became an official "DIY-er" and discovered a renewed appreciation for imperfections and problem solving.

As a first generation Italian-American, Roberta speaks both Italian and Spanish fluently. Her favorite hobby is sharing food and stories — whether it's chatting with her local farmer or inviting friends to her house for dinner. "Food has a special way of connecting people through space and time that, in my experience, is incomparable to anything else," she added.

While she favors many places in Chester County, one of Roberta's favorite spots is the view at the top of Black Horse Hill Road. She also enjoys rolling down the Brandywine Creek in a kayak or tube, or ending the day with a visit to Animated Brewery.

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