Explore our Inventory of Natural Resources

Posted February 25, 2022


Our natural environment is integral to the high quality of life enjoyed by residents and visitors in Chester County — from the soil and water quality, to preserving open space and natural habitats.

The Chester County Planning Commission recently released an Inventory of Natural Resources featuring an interactive map of the county's natural resources. The map highlights the county's geology and soils, water resources, open space, and natural habitats.

Within each tab, users will find a brief description of the natural resource data and an interactive map, along with the ability to search/magnify to a specific location, switch to aerial photography (or other options), and links to reference materials and additional resources.

The inventory can also overlay resources on a single map which can serve as a great tool for land conservation and resource protection planning as it helps to guide development away from critical natural areas, minimize impacts on environmentally sensitive resources, and mitigate impacts that do occur — helping to ensure overall environmental and community health.

The Inventory of Natural Resources supports the Protect goal in Landscapes3, Chester County's comprehensive plan. Updates to the database will occur as new information becomes available. To provide an update to the database or ask a question concerning natural resource protection, please contact Rachael Griffith at rgriffith@chesco.org.

Explore the inventory.