2021 Annual Report

Posted February 15, 2022


Although this past year proved to be challenging once again, Chester County continued to progress in the implementation of Landscapes3 through various activities and achievements. The Chester County Planning Commission recently presented a summary of these achievements to the Chester County Board of Commissioners with the release of the 2021 Annual Report.

In terms of open space preservation, efforts continued during 2021 with a large number of projects, such as the protection of the 577-acre Glenroy farm along the east side of Octoraro Creek in Lower Oxford and West Nottingham townships. The 42-acre Sproat Farm in New Garden Township also added to the county's overall total.

The adoption of the Climate Action Plan in October was a great success for the county as well. The plan provides a blueprint for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy efficiency community-wide and in county government facilities.

After being fully remote in 2020, the popular Town Tours and Village Walks shifted to a combination of in-person and virtual events in 2021, highlighting the county's role in the region's "Journey Toward Freedom." Looking to the future, a 250th Committee was established to help with Chester County's celebration of the nation's 250th anniversary in 2026.

The annual housing forum focused on A+ Homes and "Missing Middle Housing" in 2021, highlighting the importance of harder to find housing types such as duplexes, twins, and smaller single-family homes. The Planning Commission also released two new housing guides to help municipalities plan for affordably-priced and aging-friendly homes.

On the economic side of things, the county's Ag Development Council prepared a draft strategic plan identifying a wide range of strategies to support the agriculture industry. The annual Urban Centers forum was also a success, focusing on "Great, Green, Growing Small Towns."

A new Complete Streets Policy was adopted in the fall of 2021 to help facilitate safer and more convenient travel throughout the county. Trail planning progressed as well, connecting the Struble Trail to Marsh Creek State Park, and examining options for additional trails and sidewalks in southern Chester County through the Southern Chester County Circuit Trail Feasibility Study.

While we celebrate the achievements of 2021, we can only hope to have another great year to report on in 2022!

See the Annual Report and learn more about these achievements.