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Enhance flood resiliency

How we Preserve

Maintaining and improving flood control infrastructure and minimizing disturbance of floodplains are essential measures for protecting public safety and natural habitats.

Enhance flood resiliency through flood control infrastructure improvements and by encouraging local actions for floodplain management and protection.


To protect public safety, natural resources, and public infrastructure, improving flood protection and resiliency is critically important, particularly in light of projected population growth.


Enhancing flood resiliency can be accomplished by a variety of methods, including local efforts to protect and restore floodplains, participation in the federal flood insurance program, increased community awareness and preparedness, and flood mitigation and hardening of at-risk structures. As growth and land use changes impact water runoff patterns and volumes, physical upgrades to flood control infrastructure will be required. Resources for assessment, design, and construction will be necessary to continue flood control for long-term protection. The Chester County Water Resources Authority will serve as the lead agency in this effort, in conjunction with the County Department of Emergency Services and Planning Commission.

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