Implementation — How we Protect

Promote innovative practices for improved water quality

How we Preserve

The innovative use of native vegetation and planting techniques provide working examples for protecting and improving water quality.

Promote innovative initiatives, practices, and technologies that protect and improve water quality as model projects.


Working examples of recommended approaches to improving and protecting water quality can serve as a model for good resource management.


Programs such as on-lot wastewater system maintenance programs, environmentally safe de-icing methods, private well owner education, source water protection efforts, and innovative stormwater management practices should be encouraged and promoted. Land application systems for community systems, such as spray and drip irrigation, can be promoted to reduce effluent and pollution loads to streams and to recharge groundwater. Municipalities, utility operators, and conservation organizations can provide examples of practices, technologies, and projects that they have implemented. These examples can be showcased on websites and featured in social media. Online guidance for these examples could also be created. County departments that could partner in this effort include the Water Resources Authority, Health Department, Facilities and Parks, and the Conservation District.

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