Implementation — How we Protect

Monitor impacts of change on water resources

Monitoring the diversity of aquatic insects in French Creek helps to evaluate changes in stream quality.

Utilize the countywide water resources monitoring network to assess and respond to changing resource conditions resulting from growth and land use change.


Water resources monitoring to assess progress in the protection of streams and ground water is vital to ensuring the health and economic well-being of county residents and businesses. Additionally, capturing real-time and accurate flood and drought levels and making them readily accessible provides critical information for emergency responders as they work to ensure public safety.


While a network and program of monitoring is currently in place, the impacts of population growth and land use change may require modifications over time to accurately understand water quality and quantity conditions and trends. This effort will manage the county-led monitoring network, collect information from other monitoring systems, evaluate trends and impacts, and enhance communication of results to the general public. Primary partners responsible for this effort are the Chester County Water Resources Authority in coordination with the U.S. Geological Survey, the County Department of Emergency Services, the County Health Department, and conservation partners.

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