Implementation — How we Protect

Enhance countywide water resources planning

Enhanced water resources planning through the strategic update of Watersheds will continue to protect our exceptional water resources for future generations.

Photo credit: Catherine Marie Charlton

Revise Chester County's water resources plan Watersheds to update the science-based integrated water resources planning and countywide stormwater plan to address future growth.


Originally adopted in 2002, Watersheds serves as both the county's integrated water resources plan and as the countywide Act 167 Stormwater Plan (amended and re-adopted in 2013 as such), providing policy support to municipal stormwater ordinances.


Strategically updating Watersheds will facilitate the on-going implementation of vital water protection policies at the local and county level and support the implementation of Landscapes3 growth policies. The Chester County Water Resources Authority would lead this effort with input from multiple stakeholders.

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