Implementation — How we Protect

Promote benefits of natural resource protection

Brandywine Creek Greenway

Collaboration and cooperation between multiple partners can lead to successful resource protection through outreach and education efforts. The Brandywine Creek Greenway is an example of a highly effective regional initiative led by the Brandywine Conservancy, that includes extensive public outreach.

Promote the many benefits of protecting natural resources to the public and municipalities through a variety of platforms.


Municipal and public understanding of the importance of natural resources is key to effectively protecting them. Increased awareness of their importance, including their contribution to quality of place, can help build support for their protection.


A wide variety of resources can be addressed by this effort including wetlands, woodlands, streams, riparian buffers, source waters, groundwater, steep slopes, prime agricultural soils, and floodplains. Education efforts can also emphasize controlling invasive species, promoting native plants, reducing erosion and stormwater runoff, preserving dark skies, and protecting wildlife corridors. This effort could be undertaken through developing and promoting tools, guides, and a public awareness program to emphasize the benefits of natural resources and implementing strong protection and management standards. Information could be provided on county websites, partner websites, and through educational sessions. Outreach efforts could include social media, direct contact with municipalities, and assistance from the county, conservation organizations, and other planning partners.

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