InfographicIn 2020, the median sales price for housing in Chester County was $375,064, which represents the highest countywide median in the Commonwealth. As these costs continue to rise, more Chester County families are becoming cost burdened as it relates to their overall amount of income dedicated for housing costs.

Landscapes3 is the County Comprehensive Plan and renews a commitment to balancing growth and preservation while embracing the unique characteristics that make the county a cherished place to live, work, and play. Nurturing communities through a balance of residential opportunities and access to community facilities, services, and amenities is addressed through the Live goal in Landscapes3. Objective B within the Live goal calls for accommodation of housing at costs accessible to all residents in locations close to job opportunities.

Regulations that govern new development are important for all of the County's municipalities, and this report is not calling for regulations to be weakened. Rather, this report provides strategies for municipalities to consider to create opportunities to encourage creation of A+ Homes through their regulatory structure.