Energy Calculators

Incandescent lamps generally use more electricity than compact fluorescents lights (CFLs) to create the same lumens, but CFLs usually cost more to buy than incandescent bulbs. The homeowner now has the tools to calculate how much energy will be saved by making some of these changes regarding how we use electricity. For example, we can find out how long it will take to recover the extra purchase costs of CFLs with this calculator.

Energy StarThe Energy Star certification is also a useful tool for identifying the relative energy usage of various appliances. Energy Star also offers information on the amount of energy used over the useful life of an appliance.

Homeowners can also have a Certified Building Analysts perform a "home energy analysis" to identify energy savings opportunities and identify how energy may be lost through air leaks, inadequate insulation, inefficient equipment or improper use of equipment. These home energy analyses (or audits) are sponsored by the EnergyWorks program, which is a coalition of elected officials from Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties. Through its Keystone Home Energy Loan Program, qualifying homeowners can receive financial assistance and rebates for improvements that are recommended through the audit.