Phoenixville Region Multimodal Transportation Plan

Final Plan

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Project Description

Thanks to dense urban and suburban land development patterns, the Phoenixville area should lend itself well to transportation modes other than single occupancy vehicles. Despite this, nearly 84% of residents in this area commute to work by driving alone. Reliance on single occupancy vehicles cannot be sustained, and the need for diversifying transportation modes will continue to grow. Current conditions for walking, biking, and transit use are limited with these key challenges: gaps in the network, lack of connections between urban/ suburban centers, and lack of access to public transportation. Access to Phoenixville Borough's vibrant downtown from the surrounding areas poses major safety concerns due to missing connections, and it can be nearly impossible to reach destinations outside of the Borough without an automobile.

The Phoenixville Region Multimodal Transportation Plan looks to address these deficiencies by identifying initiatives aimed at improving the safety and efficiency of the transportation network for everyone regardless of age, ability, or mode of travel.

A public open house was held on February 15, 2018 at the Technical College High School: Pickering Campus.  View Presentation

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