Chester County Commissioners Adopt New Heritage Tourism Plan

Posted May 9, 2024


Chester County Commissioners Josh Maxwell, Marian Moskowitz and Eric Roe recently adopted a new Heritage Tourism Plan that encourages all communities in the county to share stories that highlight their identity and history — which will support local and regional preservation, conservation, tourism, and quality of life.

The resolution to adopt the Heritage Tourism Plan, signed by all three Commissioners, notes the importance of the tourism industry to the local economy, and that "Chester County is a place where residents and visitors appreciate the natural, historic, and cultural attributes that give the county its distinctive character."

In his presentation at the Commissioners' Meeting, Chester County Heritage Preservation Coordinator David Blackburn noted the purpose of the Plan is to increase heritage tourism in the county as an economic factor; encourage preservation of and investment in heritage sites and resources; and raise public awareness of the significance of historic communities and landscapes.

"This Plan will help to engage residents, create community pride, encourage investment in preserving our historic resources, and importantly, serves as an anchor for our county's America250 commemoration in 2026," said Blackburn.

"It will be the source to help our communities highlight their own heritage through exhibits, public art and storytelling, and support heritage tourism in Chester County well into the future."

The Heritage Tourism Plan identifies Chester County's historic framework through six primary themes: The Natural Landscape; The Cultural Landscape; Evolving Values; The Philadelphia Campaign; Iron and Steel; and Creative Expression. To prepare the plan, the Chester County Planning Commission partnered with consultants from Heritage Strategies, LLC, SWELL, ConsultEcon, and Heritage Consulting, Inc., and coordinated with the America250PA Chester County Commission, while also getting input from many different partners and the general public.

Learn more and view the plan.