Chester County Receives Nearly $3.34 Million in 2023 C2P2 Awards

Posted October 11, 2023

Riparian Buffer


Sadsbury Woods

West Goshen Park

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced their full listing of 2023 Community Conservation Partnerships Program (C2P2) Fall Awards, including nearly $3.34 million to Chester County!

Of this $3.34 million, the county was awarded $500,000 for the design of 3.4 miles of the Chester Valley Trail in West Whiteland, East Bradford, and East Caln townships through an application submitted by Chester County Planning Commission's Trails Planner, Steve Buck. When completed, the trail will lead from the Whitford Bridge in West Whiteland to the Downingtown Trestle in East Caln, including one trailhead.

Other Chester County awardees include $115,000 to the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance for the restoration of Bucktoe Creek in New Garden Township, as well as $50,300 for the installation of riparian forest buffers along the Lower Delaware River Watershed; $500,000 to East Bradford Township for the development of the Plum Run Trail; $25,000 to East Pikeland Township to prepare a Comprehensive Park, Open Space, and Stewardship Plan, as well as $200,000 for further development of Bacton Hill Park; $500,000 to French & Pickering Creeks Conservation Trust toward a conservation easement for critical habitat and open space protection, and $159,700 for the installation of riparian forest buffers along the French Creek Watershed; $300,000 to Kennett Township towards the acquisition of 24 acres for trail connection and woodland protection; $200,000 to London Britain Township for the rehabilitation of Nichols Park; $105,900 to Natural Lands Trust to add 3 acres to the Sadsbury Woods Preserve; $100,000 to Spring City Borough for the rehabilitation of Brown Street Park; $137,300 to West Chester Borough for the rehabilitation of Hoopes Park; and $200,000 to West Goshen Township for the rehabilitation and further development of West Goshen Community Park.

Additionally, the Willistown Conservation Trust was awarded $50,900 for the installation of riparian forest buffers along waterways in the Lower Delaware River Watershed in both Chester and Delaware counties.

Overall, this program provides funding for the planning, acquisition, and development of public parks; recreation areas; motorized and non-motorized trails; river conservation and access; conservation of open space; and community and watershed forestry. Funding can also support regional and statewide partnerships that build capacity to better develop and manage resources.

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