L3 Success Story — America250PA Chester County Commission Holds First Official Meeting

Posted August 17, 2022


With the upcoming celebration of America's 250th in 2026, Chester County joined communities across the nation in support of this commemoration by creating the America250PA Chester County Commission. The 29-member commission includes members either associated with the historic preservation community, or those who have a deep interest in history.

A kickoff meeting was held in June, followed by their first organizational meeting on July 12, 2022. During this meeting, the committee selected a Chair (David Blackburn), First Vice Chair (Winifred Moran Sebastian), Second Vice Chair (Ernie Holling), and Secretary (Heather Reiffer).

When discussing a theme for the 2026 commemoration, the highest number of votes was for "Power of Place." Additionally, the committee discussed the county's Heritage Tourism Plan, which has since been awarded to a consultant, Heritage Tourism Strategies, LLC.

In addition to the officers, the group proposed the idea of six sub-committees — each consisting of a chair and notetaker from the commission, along with non-commission members. The sub-committees include:

The next America250PA Chester County Commission meeting will take place on October 6, 2022. See the website to learn more and follow along at https://america250chesco.org/, or view the official website at https://www.america250.org/.