Housing Rehabilitation

Houses tend to represent some of the most enduring elements of the built environment. While commercial or office structures are built, demolished and redeveloped into other types of uses, the housing stock tends to remain for a long time. In Chester County, much of the moderately-priced housing is older, and located within the urban centers. It is critical that these affordable homes are properly maintained and remain within the supply of affordable housing.

Housing maintenance and repair is a serious issue in some Chester County neighborhoods. However, the public, private, and nonprofit sectors are working together to make housing rehabilitation services available to those who need them. Promoting the rehabilitation of existing housing not only helps to maintain housing that is affordable for all socioeconomic sectors, it also supports broader revitalization goals. Housing rehabilitation often will encourage and complement other community development activities, including streetscape improvements, pedestrian circulation amenities, infrastructure upgrades, community parks cleanup, and rehabilitation of neighboring properties. All these efforts can stabilize or increase property values and create a stronger sense of community and civic pride.


Housing Rehabilitation can provide the following benefits:


The following limitations can be associated with housing rehabilitation:


Municipalities can promote housing rehabilitation in a number of ways. Providing information to low- and moderate-income homeowners about available rehabilitation services will help educate the community about this issue. Some municipalities sponsor façade improvement programs that benefit properties in downtown and adjacent residential areas. Municipal codes and ordinances could encourage energy-efficiency and green construction as applied to rehabilitation projects. Permitting fees and inspections processes could be simplified for housing rehabilitation efforts such that homeowners are not discouraged from taking on and completing projects. Nonprofit organizations in Chester County periodically offer home maintenance and repair workshops, which can be hosted at municipal office buildings or local places of worship.


There are many organizations in Chester County that provide housing rehabilitation services. Individuals interested in housing rehabilitation can refer to the following websites:

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