Farmworker Housing

Agriculture has a long history in Chester County, and it continues to be vitally important to both the County's economy and culture. As determined in the 2008 Penn State Economic Impact Study, Chester County ranks second among Pennsylvania counties in agricultural production. The County's 61 mushroom farms account for 47 percent of total U.S. mushroom production and contribute an estimated $2.7 billion to the local economy including sales, farm employment, taxes paid by farms, and the value of service industries that support mushroom farms. Chester County's dairy farms rank fifth in dairy revenue generation in Pennsylvania with total farm revenue in 2007 of $68 million, representing 12.3% of the value of total agricultural products sold in the County. Dairy farms in 28 County municipalities contribute an estimated economic impact of more than $247 million, with 85% of the money spent within the local community. More information is available through the Agricultual Development Council.

Chester County's mushroom production represents by far the largest contributor to the County's agricultural economy, and mushroom farm workers face specific challenges regarding access to quality housing. In order to sustain the long-term viability of agricultural operations in Chester County, municipalities in agricultural, rural, and suburban municipalities should ensure access to quality, affordable housing to accommodate farm workers and their families through local comprehensive plans, zoning regulations and subdivision and land development ordinances.


Farmworker housing provisions in municipal land use plans and ordinances can provide the following benefits:


The following limitations may be associated with farmworker housing ordinances:



Municipalities that have specifically addressed farmworker housing in the Housing Plan components of their comprehensive plan include the following:

Municipalities that have incorporated specific provisions for farmworker housing in their zoning ordinance include the following:

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