Discover the various planning services provided by the Planning Commission.

Pipeline Information Center

The PIC was created to provide residents with a central location where they can find information on all aspects of pipeline issues including pipeline safety, the pipeline review process, and the latest information on pipeline project activity within Chester County and the surrounding region. Learn more.

Plan Review

The Planning Commission is responsible for a wide variety of mandated planning reviews including subdivision and land development reviews under the Municipalities Planning Code and sewage facilities reviews under Act 537. Learn more.

Sketch Plan Assistance

One of the most effective ways to make proposed developments fit into your community is to use our optional sketch plan review service. This service is offered free of charge and it brings the municipality and developer together to create a better community. Planning Commission staff is available to meet to discuss sketch plans and will provide an informal review of the plan. Plans can also be submitted to our office using the standard plan submittal process and Act 247 Referral application and choose "Unofficial Sketch Plan" under Type of Review Requested. Learn more.

Urban Planning

Chester County urban centers represent concentrations of population, employment, commerce, institutions, and services for the County. The Chester County Planning Commission strives to provide planning services to the 15 boroughs and City of Coatesville. Below are several planning resources that the Planning Commission provides for the urban centers. Learn more.

Vision Partnership Program

This competitive grant program provides both technical and financial assistance to municipalities in the preparation of comprehensive plans, ordinances, official maps, and special planning projects, such as connectivity plans, open space plans, economic development studies, historic surveys, and corridor plans. Learn more.