Implementation — How we Appreciate

Enhance the historical record of the county

Enhance the historic record of the county by incorporating new information and making it more accessible to the public.


Sharing the narratives of our historic resources will better connect the public to our shared heritage and allow us to better plan for our future.


The effort will build upon existing documentation and include an updated, full account of land use, development, and personal narratives into the 20th century. Due to the level of technical expertise required to complete a comprehensive history, elements of this work will need to be performed by qualified historians and research experts. This effort should be conducted as a partnership involving the Chester County Historical Society and Chester County Archives and funding should be sought to advance this effort. The effort should include gathering information for the historical record, as well as providing platforms to allow our shared history to connect more easily and in greater depth to the public.

Key events in the documentation of the county's history are noted, as are various moments of note in county history. An interactive timeline of the county's history could become a fun mechanism for the public to explore stories of our rich history.