Implementation — How we Preserve

Expand open space education

How we Preserve

Education of the public and municipal officials can range from signage in public areas to efforts to encourage hands-on involvement with parks and other open space areas.

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Expand educational programming to better inform the public and municipal officials about the economic, environmental, and quality-of-life benefits of properly managed and protected open spaces.


As the focus of open space protection has expanded, so must education efforts to ensure that the public and municipal officials are aware of the different types of protected open space (farms, parks, preserves) and their many benefits. Engaging municipal officials on economic benefits, advances in green technology and land stewardship, and new opportunities related to legislative changes is critical to improving water quality, soil health, and other ecosystem functions.


Education initiatives could include involving the public as volunteers, the installation of demonstration projects, and other methods of increasing direct connections with open space. This effort should be conducted by the land trusts and government agencies. Support for this effort would come from the county, land trusts, and when possible state and federal sources.