How we Protect — Objectives

Protect PhotoGuide development away from sensitive natural resources and toward areas appropriate for accommodating growth.

Protect PhotoSupport comprehensive protection and restoration of the county's ecosystems including woodlands, wetlands, surface waters, riparian corridors, groundwater, floodplains, soil health, steep slopes, aquatic and wildlife habitats, and natural heritage areas.

Protect PhotoSupport municipal and regional natural resource protection efforts, and promote a resource-based planning approach.

Protect PhotoPromote the environmental, aesthetic, and economic value of protecting and restoring natural resources to residents and municipalities.

Protect PhotoPromote groundwater recharge, stormwater runoff and pollution reduction, flood mitigation and resiliency, and water quality improvement and protection to support safe and healthy communities.

Protect PhotoEnsure a safe, clean, long-term supply of water to meet the current and future needs of residents and businesses.

Goal Recommendations Measuring Success