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Affordably-priced Planning Guide — Cost of Housing

Chester County Planning Commission has completed a report on the costs related to the construction of housing. This report provides an overview of the various costs that go into the construction of housing ranging from land and infrastructure costs to soft costs. A series of approaches and strategies is then provided for municipalities to consider in an effort to reduce overall construction costs and in turn foster the creation of affordably priced housing. View guide

Aging-Friendly Planning Guide — Planning for an Aging Population

The County's population of 65 and older seniors is anticipated to nearly double between 2015 and 2045, from 74,587 to 145,040 residents. The increased senior population will have significant impacts on housing in the County, affecting both private and senior living arrangement housing. This guide provides data on existing senior housing, potential impacts of the aging population on housing, and approaches and strategies to assist communities in planning for the future housing needs of their seniors. View guide

Residential Housing Reports

Each year, the Chester County Planning Commission collects and reports data on housing prices, housing affordability, and new units constructed across Chester County as part of the ongoing implementation of Landscapes3, the county's comprehensive plan.

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