Supporting Local Farms: A Better New Year's Resolution

Now that the holidays are over, we are all getting bombarded by advertisements for weight loss products and services. Instead of following an elaborate diet scheme and stressing out about what the scale says, we challenge you to simply incorporate more local food into your diet in 2017. Eating locally is not only good for you but good for your community as well. Local farm products tend to be fresher, which means better tasting food that arrives on your plate with more of its original nutritional value intact (as opposed to food that has been harvested weeks to months earlier and has endured a lot of handling and storage). When you buy local farm products, you help local farmers, food processors and ag service businesses to continue to grow and thrive. The money you spend locally helps create jobs and strengthens our regional economy. Eat better and help your neighbors? That sounds like a good plan to us.

Local Farm Products Guide

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