The Chester County Board of Commissioners established the Vision Partnership Program in 1996 to promote cooperation between the County and local governments in the implementation of Landscapes, the County's comprehensive policy plan. Following the adoption of Landscapes2 in 2009, the Vision Partnership Program (VPP) was fully updated to achieve better alignment with Landscapes2 and the County Strategic Plan. Grants awarded to municipalities under the Vision Partnership Program are provided to assist them in achieving consistency with the principles of Landscapes2 through their local planning programs.

This competitive grant program provides both technical and financial assistance to municipalities in the preparation of comprehensive plans, ordinances, official maps, and special planning projects, such as connectivity plans, open space plans, economic development studies, historic surveys, and corridor plans. Projects can be funded at the single municipality level or multi-municipal level. Municipalities can choose the Planning Commission and its professional planners to perform services (through in-kind grants) or retain a private consultant (through reimbursable cash grants). For details on the in-kind grant option, please contact Susan Elks, Planning Services Director, at 610-344-6285 or Details on the cash grant option are noted below. Since its inception, VPP has awarded more than $6 million in funds (in-kind and cash) and has leveraged more than $2.7 million in matching funds. Approximately $1.5 million has been dedicated to in-kind projects, with approximately $4.8 million in cash grants. For details on a sampling of completed projects funded through VPP, view our municipal project examples.

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Proposed 2018 VPP Grant Round Dates

VPP Grant Round 1

VPP Grant Round 2

The next round of VPP funding is anticipated to open in 2019.

2018 Grant Manual

The VPP Municipal Planning Grant Manual (2018) contains the full requirements of the grant program. The grant manual and application can be accessed below. You will need the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the fill-in version of Appendices A and B. To download Adobe Acrobat Reader please visit the Adobe site.

Questions about the grant program and requests for pre-application meetings can be directed to Susan Elks, Planning Services Director, at 610-344-6285

Grant Manuals for VPP grants awarded prior to 2018 are also available.