Tools for Land Use and Development

Adaptive Reuse

Aging in Place

Agricultural Easements

Agricultural Zoning

Backyard Chicken Keeping

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities: Design

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities: Policy

Brownfield and Greyfield Redevelopment

Cluster/Open Space Development

Compact Development Design

Conservation Easements

Farm Secondary Business

Farmworker Housing

Form Based Codes and Zoning Ordinances

Green Development Codes/Ordinances

Green Roofs


Growth Boundaries

Historic Resource Preservation Planning

Historic Resource Protection Standards

Housing Diversity

Housing Rehabilitation

In-fill Development

Lighting: Outdoor Lighting

Mixed-use Development

Native Plants and Controlling Invasive Species

Parking Facilities: Design

Parking Facilities: Policy

Parkland Dedication and Fee-In-Lieu Ordinances

Performance Zoning

Residential Conversions

Roadway Connectivity

Rural Center Zoning

Signs: Digital and Electronic Sign Regulation

Site Analysis Plan

Street Trees

Traditional Neighborhood Development

Transferable Development Rights (TDR)

Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Transit Stops and Centers