County Resources

The Chester County Planning Commission provides a wide variety of planning resources online.


The county's comprehensive plan, Landscapes2 establishes policies and actions for the county, municipalities and citizens alike. It establishes growth management and preservation strategies to guide municipalities, developers, preservationists, and others in making decisions that promote sustainable practices and ensure that future residents have access to the same benefits that we currently enjoy. The on-line plan offers interactive videos to explore planning principles for each type of landscape in the county, including urban, suburban, rural and agricultural landscapes. This plan does not supersede local municipal plans. Instead, it serves as a framework for coordinating planning issues that transcend municipal lines. The plan can be viewed at

Community Profiles

This interactive resource provides information about the things that make Chester County a community — its people, housing, open space and development, transportation, economic development, government, and community facilities.

Users can view the information for the entire county. If desired, they can narrow their focus by choosing a community area, a school district, or a single municipality. There is also an option to create a custom study area.

Selections in the subject section provide data in tables, graphs, and maps. Selections in the additional features section provide information about local facilities and services. Links to websites for these facilities provide access to further information. Click here to view Community Profiles.

Funding Planning Programs

The Chester County Board of Commissioners established a funding source to assist local municipalities with the cost of developing their planning programs. The Vision Partnership Program is a grant program that promotes cooperation between the County and local governments in the implementation of Landscapes2, the County's comprehensive policy plan. Grants awarded to municipalities under the Vision Partnership Program are provided to assist them in achieving consistency with the principles of Landscapes2 through their local planning programs. For complete information on the grant program go to

State Resources

Several training materials are available from the state.

Other Resources