Attending community planning courses can help you become well informed by learning the basics. There is a series of planning courses available to you here in Chester County. The County Planning Commission, in conjunction with West Chester University and Chester County 2020, run a three-course program each year, known as the Master Planner Program. These courses are designed to provide you with basic knowledge about municipal planning and your role on a local planning commission. They are tailored to the class and are beneficial to both new and seasoned planning commissioners alike. Instructors are professionally trained in both the subject and teaching methods. The program is run by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Education Institute.

The Master Planning Program

This series consists of the following courses: Community Planning, Zoning, and Subdivision and Land Development Review. Courses are held twice a year and involve three instructional evenings each. Click here for information on these courses and registration.

Produced by the PA Chapter of APA in association with Penn State Cooperative Extension

This video provides planning commissioners with an overview of what planning commissions do and where they fit in their city, borough, township or county government. The basic tools of comprehensive planning, subdivision and land development regulation, and zoning are described so commissioners can learn how they can effectively contribute to the quality of life in their municipalities. Click here to view video.