The development of Landscapes3 will be an open and collaborative experience. The public is invited to participate throughout. The process includes:

Photo Contest: Show Us Your Favorite Place in Chester County

We received over 300 photographs of Chester County in our Fall 2016 photo contest; thank you to all that have participated! The winners were announced in January. Click here to see the top 25 photo submissions.

Stakeholder Meetings

A series of stakeholder meetings will be held to identify issues and challenges facing Chester County over the next ten years. Experts will meet under the following topics: preservation, agriculture, housing, utilities and infrastructure, transportation, economic development, and community health. The public is invited to attend and observe these meetings. Click here to view meeting schedule.

Public Opinion Survey

A general public survey will be released in 2017 to gather feedback from the public. The survey will be visual and interactive. (coming soon)

eNewsletter Subscription

You are invited to subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter on the plan and upcoming events. Click here to subscribe to our eNewsletter.

Online Comments

At any time in the process you are encouraged to comment. Click here to provide feedback.

Presentations by Request

The Planning Commission is available to present on the plan update to your group or organization. You are invited to contact Susan Elks at 610.344.6285 or

Plan Steering Committee

A plan update steering committee will be formed by the Board of County Commissioners. This team of volunteers will assist the Planning Commission in the development of the plan update and offer guidance and perspective. All meetings will be open to the public. (coming soon)

Community Events

Landscapes3 will be going out to various community events in 2017 — Look for us at your favorite event!

Draft Material Review

Throughout the process, there will be opportunities for your input to the plan update. These will involve online comment periods, face-to-face opportunities at events and fairs around the County, as well as a formal review process once the full plan has been drafted. (coming soon)

Public Hearing and Adoption

Prior to adoption by the Board of County Commissioners, the plan will be presented by the Planning Commission at a variety of public information meetings as well as a public hearing by the Commissioners. Once adopted, Landscapes3 will become the long-range policy plan for Chester County for the next ten years. (coming soon)